Wednesday, March 02, 2005


So for the next 19 days, I got to wake up around 5am and not eat from sunrise to sunset. Why would I subject myself to this brutality? Ask me later! But I will say this. There is no better time for ending bad habits, and returning to a more spiritual state. I seem to have much better discipline during the fast.

Want to know a secret? In addition to eating well, The key to an easy fast is wearing warm clothes. Why? If you wear warm clothes, your body nees to burn fewer calories to keep warm. And while we're on the subject, did you know that ice water has negative calories? Why? Because that cold water has to be heated to body temperature. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Dr. Hoo,

I have fasted on purpose, but the idea seems interesting. I want to try it someday. Would you recommend fasting to a non-religious person?


Dr. Hoo said...

You could try giving it a shot. I find myself displaying more discipline during the fast. Perhaps because I don't want the sacrifice to be wasted, it also becomes an impetus for change.

dessi said...

Why do you say that you are subjecting yourself to "brutality" -- i think that adjective does not capture the idea of the fast :-)

Prema said...

But Dessi, there is surely something brutal about forcing oneself out of bed at 5am, to try and eat a sandwich that, on the first day of the Fast seemed so yum, but now tastes almost close to cardboard. ;)