Thursday, March 31, 2005

Pics of the Rack

Some of my friends kept asking me why I flew to canada 3 times in a single month and what the heck was taking so much of my time. I was working on setting up a 140-port network for my parent's office. The thing in this picture is called a rack. Every single network connection and telephone port in the office ends up here. A rack is simply two metal beams to which you can mount equipment in a space-efficient manner. You could for example stack 48 computers on top of each other in the space shown on the rack. Instead we've chosen to use the rack to host a new experimental phone system that transmits telephone signals over internet wires. Why would you want to do that? Well you computer and phone systems can communicate with each other. So when the phone rings, you can, for example, make your computer pop up a window telling you who's calling and what you last talked about, before you pick up the phone. The computer at the bottom of the rack is the web server for

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