Monday, February 28, 2005

Beautiful Poems by Rumi

I love this poem. I've been thinking about it all day:

Seek ye not water,
Seek ye thirst,
and waters from the very ground shall burst!
A similar verse:

Seek ye not water,
for water is everywhere,
seek thirst!
What it means to me: if you are looking for knowledge, first seek curiosity. If you are looking to excel in your work, find work that's fun. And if want to find knowledge of God, first find that thirst.

Interestingly, I'm fairly certain Baha'u'llah quotes the first verse.


David Lantow said...

You are onto something mighty powerful here. You remind me that knowledge is not an end, it is merely part of the quest. I appreciate your insights. Thanks


Dr. Hoo said...

Thanks for dropping by David and sharing your insight that knowledge is not an end. I hope you'll drop by again sometime.