Saturday, February 26, 2005

Ayyami-Ha Parties

This is the time of year when Baha'i's give gifts to one another. And with these gifts, come a flurry of parties and visits to relatives. So last night, I went to the first, in what will certainly be a string of many get-togethers.

Do'in it Persian Style, means visiting at least 3 relatives on a given day, possibly as many as five. You do this mostly on weekends, but you could potentially do this sort of thing on a smaller scale on weekdays. The way it works is that you "declare" a day where you will stay home and the world comes to you. Conversely, you have to find out, when other people are staying home, so you can plan a route that lets you visit as many as possible! Every person serves you tea in tiny tea cups (you may visit 5 people after all) and some dessert.

Thing is, you have 12 days to visit every relative in your city. Bah, that's trivial you might say, but persian families can get quite big!

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